My first city break in Prague

Whilst at a wedding last month, my cousin came to me and said “Hey Leon, we’re (him and my other cousin) going to Prauge soon, wanna come?” And I was like, “Hell yeah!” What a great decision I made.


Prague (In Czech Republic) is a vibrant city to visit. Firstly, let me disappoint you by saying that the Charles Bridge, as huge as it is, is overrated. The actual views from there are not half bad but it’s absolutely packed! Seriously, if you think London is bad, wait till you see this, I physically could not move without people barging about. In contrast, it’s the secluded areas that contain more tranquillity. I really recommend the Dancing House, you can travel to the top of the tower and enjoy a scenic view whilst sipping a refreshing drink.


This is probably the strangest thing I have ever witnessed! The Futura Gallery is somewhere you just must visit if you want a laugh. Inside, you will see two statues of humans where you can climb a ladder and look into their… well, lets just call it ‘bottom’. And the hilarious part is, when you peek inside, there is a TV showing the president being fed baby food while the most bizarre tune is playing in the background. Can you get a more ridiculous Instagram boomerang than that?


Food, glorious food! Yes, it’s been interesting eating in Prauge. A  classic is the Pork Knuckle which is a gigantic piece of pork, like twice the size of your foot! Although tasty, it’s not something I think you must try. However, due to my cousins saying they had, and I quote, “The best meal of their life”, I have to recommend the ‘Deer Restaurant’. It’s rated 4 1/2 Stars on Google but unfortunately for me, I did not eat there on the day. It’s supposed to be really fancy and the food is apparently exquisite. I am gutted to not have been but if you get the opportunity, don’t pass it up.


Ok, those of you who enjoy partying, lets talk about the nightlife. We explored Old Town Square for a day and came up very short. Most people were just bombarding us with advertisements when really, we just wanted a good bar to drink at. The second day, we joined a bar crawl and despite being a bit expensive, it was totally worth it! Just to go to some reliable bars and meet great people without worrying where to go next was awesome! Plus, we got a lot of free drinks and they took us to a club at the end without us having to pay an entry fee. So I recommend going to Old Town Square and looking for promoters (they are scattered all around).


A city break is just brilliant for running away from your problems back home (temporarily). If you like exploring new cities, I do recommend Prauge, you’ll find so much cool stuff there. Even if you’re not a fan of nightlife events, there is a ton of stuff to do in the daytime. If you have any questions, drop a comment.



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