Unpacking on arrival

It sounds so simple (and it probably is) but you must remember when moving into your new home that all your belongings will be here for the year. Plus, I bet most of you are living with flatmates which means organisation is even more important in the shared rooms. From my two years of experience living alone, I like to think that I have learned a thing or two:


  • Keep all your kitchen utensils in your own cupboard. This especially applies to those of you living in Oadby in September. You don’t know who your flatmates will be so if you just throw your stuff around, it will probably get lost, used or broken. Maybe not even by your flatmates but other students partying in your hall. I recommend labelling your draws too, just for that clarity.


  • Keep all expensive items in a not so obvious place. Again, for those students in halls, this applies to you. When I was in Oadby, students always left their door unlocked and chances are, you will too. Seriously, I had a dozen chances to snatch my flatmates items but I’m not a thief. However, you don’t know how your flatmates will behave until you’ve spent time with them. So never leave your MacBook sitting pretty on your bed.


  • Organise your belongings in a way you’re comfortable with. This will prove useful when you are running late for lectures so you can avoid a search party.


  • Try to make use of cupboards and drawers. Some students make room on the floor but student accommodation is not as large as houses so a little space will be useful.


  • Too much is not enough. Don’t worry about over packing, you will not know what you need until you need it. Gradually, you can return the stuff that’s unnecessary to your parents.


Newcomers, do not worry. Unpacking is an easy part of moving in, hopefully these tips will make the process easier.

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