A level results – What’s the next step?

By now, all you 6th form students will have received your results. Whether you’re in year 12 or 13, your results will play a significant role in your future. Now, this blog is intended for students who plan to go to university. Year 12’s, what do your results mean?

  • It can show your strongest subject. Most people want to be confident in what they study before they proceed to further studies.
  • An indication of your realistic university choices. You can measure you’re grades against university requirements and this will help you choose a suitable university. I would have an optimistic and pessimistic choice too in case of an unexpected change in your grades.
  • Summarize your revision. You can evaluate what went well in your revision and what can be done next year to further improve your grades.

Year 13’s, you probably have the more rushing tasks, but providing on how your results went, they can be stressful or easy as pie.

  • Select a university to join. If you have received two offers, decide which one you want to take (although most people will take their primary choice).
  • Register. Start completing all start up tasks to ensure there are no delays when joining your university. You will usually be emailed those tasks.
  • Start reading posts, blogs, talking to people etc. Learn about the city you are going to be in (if you are moving) and your new university course. It will show you what to expect.
  • If you have to go through clearing, don’t worry! Universities will email you of any spaces and there are always some left. You should also sign up for clearing online. The best option would be to talk to your teachers as they can help you find a university matching your requirements and guide you through the process.

On that note, I sincerely hope that everyone got the results they wanted. Nice fact for you, Maths continued to be the most popular subject in A-levels, with entries up 2.5% from last year.



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