Your Transportation Guide Part 1 – Getting to University

Car? Bus? Walk? Cycle? How you get to the university is up to your preferences. How about I give you a breakdown of each? After all, I am a third year student so I should know my city by now.

  • Car – Living at Oadby? Brilliant! You are able to apply for a permit to park on site for the whole year. And the car park accommodates for quite a few students. However, it may be first come first served so be sure to do your research and ring Oadby. Parking on campus is a lot more limited, there is none available on main campus and although there are some sites to park on, you will need to apply for a permit and even still, there may not be enough space left for you on some days. Read more onĀ


  • Bus – The best option in my opinion. Since parking may be difficult at time (especially at the university) and since other methods may take longer, the bus is brilliant to commute around Leicester. The main bus company is Arriva, who in my experience, are reliable. Every 15 minutes, a bus will be at Oadby and at the University so the waiting time is brilliant. However, don’t be surprised if at peak times (usually 9:00 and 17:00), you are not able to get on the bus from Oadby and from the university because it is full. I recommend buying a bus pass if you plan on using it everyday.


  • Walk – If you are someone who enjoys walking and talking or listening to music, maybe this is for you. And of course, if necessary, you can get the bus if you don’t feel like walking one day. Be aware though that if you are living at Oadby, it will be a 40 minute walk to the university so this may be better for those of you living near the university.


  • Cycle – The university has bicycle storage available and plenty of it. There is also a bike path from Oadby to the university. Therefore, it’s time saving, energy efficient and can be parked without hassle. Plus, you get the exercise, tell me why this isn’t a great option!


Join again next week where I will give you information on going around and leaving the city.

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