Your Transportation Guide – Part 2

Welcome to the second half. If you’re new to this, just for your information, I’m writing  a 2 part blog about travelling in Leicester. The first part explained how to get to university, particularly from student accommodation. This part is about getting around, in and out of the city itself.


Train Station – Getting back home is a must and the fastest, easiest way to do this is by train. It’s located on London Road, about a 15 minute walk from the university. Note that prices are generally expensive if you buy on the day.


Coach Station – In the centre of town is a station called, “St Margaret’s Bus Station” and all the National Express Coaches will come here. They are usually cheaper than trains and travel all around England. However, there are times (although not often) that they are delayed and additionally, you have to pre book your coach, otherwise you may not get a seat. A tip for you guys, check with your bank if they offer a coachcard. This will get you 1/3 off the price for coach prices.


Bus Station – Like I mentioned in the last post, Arriva Buses are used throughout Leicester so if you are living in Oadby, I especially recommend buying a bus pass of the website. The ‘Haymarket Bus Station’ is located in town and most buses will go to and from here.

Driving – I do not drive so I personally don’t know how people find it driving in Leicester. If you do want to drive, I recommend ensuring you have a parking spot ready.


Thank you for reading my transportation guide. I’m happy to take any questions for you guys.

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