Fat Cats Bhangra Night Review

And here we go! Freshers week is in full swing, expect to see new freshers roaming around each event, every night. I love it! Makes nights out feel like a proper student night. Anyway, my first Bhangra session went pretty dam well, if it’s your kind of vibe, I definitely recommend going to the Fat Cats session, despite some minor setbacks:


  • Awesome music – After midnight, the latest Bollywood tunes come out and the DJ’s know their songs so expect to hear some that you’ve not even heard before. I didn’t hear many throwbacks but because I prefer the latest songs, I was happy.


  • Dance like a Jat – In case you’re wondering, a Jat is like a hardcore Punjabi. People were going crazy which is what I wanted to see. And since it’s all in one room, it feels very sociable, almost like you are dancing with everyone in the room.


  • High drink prices – Expect to pay no less than £3.50 per drink (if you drink alcohol). Best to pre drink and avoid buying at this club.


  • Very sociable – You are likely to see people you know as like I mentioned, it’s all in one area.


  • Seating areas – In case you’ve not been yet, there are some seats and tables for when you need a break. Especially useful in Bhangra!


  • Outside area – You can step outside and come back in whenever.


I want to go back to this session before leaving Leicester for good. I say you should too.

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