Extra curricular activities for Mathematic Students

If you’re in first or second year and studying Maths. it’s best to start adding as much value to your degree as possible. This will be useful when applying for graduate schemes or internships as they can give you an edge, just like you did on your Personal Statement. Here’s what I recommend:


  • Sign up for Peer Support – This is a great skill to have. You will be supporting all new first year students with their problem sheets and lecture material. I recommend doing this if you are especially interested in becoming a Maths teacher. Note that this is not available to first year students and is not a paid role, but can make you stand out in future applications.


  • Join SUMS – SUMS is the Mathematics society. This will show your passion for Maths and you’ll also enjoy a lot of bar crawls with other Math students.


  • Become a course rep – This will allow you to have your input on multiple topics for your course. For example, you can suggest more feedback sessions for Algebra. This will show you being actively involved in the development of your course, something that companies would certainly appreciate.


  • Become a Peer Mentor – A less academic related role but you will be providing support to new students and help guide them throughout the year. This could involve helping with social issues, general concerns or questions about the course (not specific Math questions though).


Doing one of these is sure to boost your CV for the future. If you think of any more things that would be useful to do, let me know in the comments.

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