Dealing with homesickness

Probably the most emotional subject whilst at university. For many students, you will be living away for the first time and the transition can be overwhelming. Over the years, I’ve dealt with home sickness a lot better than when I first started. But how did I deal with it?


  • New people, new life – For me, home sickness was more powerful when I was lonely. I think having friends around dismisses any sad thoughts, so rather than missing your old life, embrace your new life! And try to socialise every week, you will not miss your family as much then.


  • Why are you at university? – I’m sure for most of you, you are here to get a degree. Dwelling on your family could interfere with your studies. So stay focused on getting that first!


  • You are not alone – Thousands of students are experiencing this too. Talk to them, relate to them. If that seems scary, you can talk to the Student Service Centre where a counsellor will support you.


  • Distract yourself more – Societies? Partying? Shopping? Anything you enjoy can just be a nice distraction, it’s all part of your new life remember?


  • Contact has never been easier – It’s not like you cannot speak to them. You’ve got all sorts of Video Chat services available. Also, if you do miss your family quite often, go and visit them once every few weeks. After a few visits back home, you’ll last longer next time before you want to meet them again.


Do you know what’s great about this issue? It’s one of those things that will naturally improve over time. In fact, youj may even find yourself not wanting to come home soon. That’s how I feel these days, compared to when I facetimed my sister everyday in first year.



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