Utilisiing the most of Festival Of Careers

The Festival of Careers is well  underway and today was related to the finance sector. If you study Engineering, Maths, Business, those type of subjects, I hope you attended today. If you haven’t, don’t worry! The festival is still ongoing over the course of the week. But how can you come out of the festival ensuring you have all the information you need? Here are a few tips to take with you:


  • Research which companies will be there – The MyCareers website should be showing all the event information. If you know who is coming, you already have a headstart as you can begin to think which companies you want to speak to. I wouldn’t worry too much about finding out what the company offers as that’s the reason you are going.


  • Know what you are looking for – What exactly are you looking for? Internships? Grad Schemes? Training opportunities? If you’re not sure, go to the Careers Development Service and they will help you find out what you’re looking for. Book an appointment online on the MyCareers.


  • Prepare your questions – What exactly do you want to know about the opportunity? Don’t just ask what opportunities there are, explore them in detail. Find out the requirements, what it will involve, what you can gain from it etc.


  • Sign up – The employers will have sign up sheets where they can email you about any opportunities you are interested in. Do not forget to do this.


  • Give it your time – I’d recommend putting at least half an hour of your time into this. How often is it that the employers come to you? If only life was like that.


If you are in second/third year, I’d recommend going to this festival. Personally, I get anxious thinking about this stuff but better to face your problems rather than ignore them right?

Go to the marquee and scan your student id card, you will then be given entry.


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