What are my modules like so far?

Hey guys, if this is the first time you’re reading my blog, I am a third year undergraduate Mathematics student. If you are studying the same subject and are interested in what third year first semester modules are like, you’ve come to the right place. No advice or tips this time, just a biased opinion on the modules that I study:


  • Financial Mathematics 1 : Probably one of the best modules I’ve studied so far. It revolves around formulas used to determine whether you should buy or sell shares and bonds in the market. It’s not so much the theory of the stock market but it still has a relation. And honestly, the work is not difficult compared to Calculus or Algebra. It involves using formulas, drawing binomial models (which are super easy), calculating Option Prices and some other topics. I really do recommend this module as it’s easy but can also be super helpful for your job prospects.


  • Introduction to Actuary – Probably one of the toughest modules I’ve faced so far. The work is about calculating a bunch of figures such as cash flows, present values and other financial stuff. It sounds quite cool and useful, but it’s difficult because despite the formulas being easy to use, it’s hard to know which formula to use. This module is great for people who can really understand what a question is asking. Applying the formulas is quite easy.


  • Scientific computing – Hmm… its not bad. Lets start with the MATLAB assignments. A lot of people hate MATLAB but if you have experience with it, you may find the assignments easy. In some cases, you are given the code and you just have to alter/test it. But you should have experience with MATLAB, otherwise you will struggle as the first assignment dives into things like Newtons Method. The theory itself is… weird but not extremely difficult. It involves learning about bits and binary related information. You also learn about methods of solving equations and iteration methods. If you have done Intro to Computing, you will be familiar with this.


If you have any questions on these modules, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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