Diwali history and events

Known as the festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated immensely in Leicester. The day is celebrated on Wednesday 7th November

Why do we celebrate Diwali?

It is to celebrate the achievements of Lord Rama, who returned back to his city (after spending 14 years in exile) Ayodya on Diwali day with his wife Lady Sita after she was kidnapped by a demon named Ravan. The whole story is quite inspiring and interesting, there are many TV programs and shows recreating the events.


Who do we pray to on Diwali?

There are many gods in the Hindu religion but on Diwali, we offer our prayers to Goddess Laxami, the goddess of wealth. We also pray to those involved in Ramayan which include Lord Ram, his brother Laxman, his loyal servant Lord Hanuman and many more.


What’s happening in Leicester?

The city’s main Diwali celebrations take place at Cossington Street Recreation Ground on Thursday 8th November from 6.00pm. You can expect thousands of people to be there and many shining lights, music and dances.


The Hindu society will also be distributing food to the homeless on Wednesday 18th. They will also be performing Aarti (prayers). Non members are welcome.


You can find out more about what’s happening throughout the week on the following link:



Have a happy Diwali everybody!



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