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Unitemps has been my favourite employment agency since I started working for them. I find them so flexible with studies, causal work set (so nothing that requires heavy effort) and a good standard pay rate too. I have taken part in many Unitemps jobs this year, let me outline what type of jobs are available:


  • Student Telephone Caller – You are responsible for calling upcoming students joining the university and relaying some information to them and taking any questions they have. Your in a room with other students who are doing the same, so it’s never a lonely environment. It’s not difficult either as you’re just following a script and when taking questions, you have supervisors around to help and can just use your own opinions.


  • Fundraising Ambassador – This is one role I am currently doing and it’s brilliant! You are responsible for contacting alumni and having a friendly chat with them by talking about their current job and their university experience. You will then ask them for a donation to go towards the university’s charity project. There is no pressure to sell which is a bonus, you are mainly expected to establish a relationship with the alumni so if you have good communication skills, this is for you.


  • Student Extra – Probably the easiest job I’ve done up to date. All I did was let the university use me as an extra when promoting the university to be used on there website. Most of the time, there was just a lot of waiting. If you are comfortable with being on the university website for a few pictures and videos, this role is perfect for you!


  • E – mentor – Ok, I am so disappointed that I never got this role because it was offered to me but I had a test colliding with the day of training (worth checking if you are free on the days of training). This role involves mentoring your own personal group in order to address their concerns regarding university. Obviously, this is all done online so it’s very convenient. If you have done Peer Mentoring and enjoyed it, I recommend this for you.


I’ve always said Unitemps are a great agency to work for. These are just some of the typical job roles you may find on the website. Always stay updated with their latest news.



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