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Leicester is full of gyms for you to get your body in shape. With a new year resolution on the horizon, what better way to celebrate by preparing your body? Let me tell you, the gyms are empty around December and then in January, it will be so full you wont be able to get the machine you need. Let me recommend a couple of well rated gyms:


  • Pure Gym – This is my favourite. Its a large gym and has so much equipment. Plus, its got the training vibe which I find motivating. They also offer training classes which is really fun to do with friends.
  • Everlast – Located near Highcross, this new gym that has recently opened is offering £5 a month. Do not miss out! It’s had excellent reviews.
  • University Gym – I personally think the uni Gym is a bit too busy, especially on evenings. However, if you can go on off peak times, you can not only enjoy the gym but the swimming pool and it’s facilities. Prepare for a large upfront payment though, UOL ask for a one off payment rather than monthly instalments, although you can pay termly but it will cost more
  • Oadby Gym – If you live at Oadby Student Village, use this gym! It’s so close and convenient with all the same facilities that the uni gym offers. If anything, it has more machines and is less busy. The swimming pool and jacuzzi, sauna etc. is also included. Once you pay for the Uni gym, you can use the Oadby gym.

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