No home, No Xmas

Did you know there are 18 days until Christmas? But I don’t have a house! Isn’t it just our luck that our family home sold a couple of weeks ago and now we are all living at our grandmas. Lucky, for me, I have a house in Leicester, but my flatmate is leaving! And I am not spending Christmas alone! But at the same time, I’m reluctant to go back home as I don’t want to share a room with my siblings who literally should get paid to argue all day since it’s their only ability!


Despite my luxury to not live at my Grandmas (I say this as it will  be really crowded), I want to be with my family for Christmas. I do worry that on the day, it wont feel the same, not being at our house with our decorations, not being able to drink (due to respect). And most importantly, the food! I don’t imagine that my Grandma will be serving Turkey (since she is a vegetarian).


Maybe I’m just being fussy, there are definitely positives to take from this. Spending my first Christmas at my Grandmas house, it’s feels great to be with her! She brings a real family feel to any event. Plus, my Grandma always has visitors so we get to see the whole family!


Now on the opposing side, if I stay in Leicester, I can revise! Eww, sorry for saying that! But its true, I wont be able to work at home, I need my desk, sticky notes and a calm atmosphere.


Ok, you know what? After writing this, what kind of son and brother would I be if I didn’t go back home for Christmas? Did I mention I only live half an hour away from Leicester? Yeah, I can tell your urging me to go home! Well consider it done! I am not missing out on all the food and presents? What else really matters?

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One response to “No home, No Xmas”

  1. humera sakur

    GO HOME PLSSSSS, family first hunny buns <3 x

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