Exam season – How to stay sane

I find that during exam season, my routine just compelety breaks due to the disorganisation and stress. I really should be taking my own advice because I feel confident that these tips will keep a personal from going crazy during this wonderful season (!) (sarcasm)

  • Regular eating patterns – Food is the best way to refresh. Don’t go revising for 6 hours then eat large meals! It reduces your productivity. Instead, snack throughout the day so you never work on an empty stomach.


  • Keep doing the hobbies you do – This helps establish routine. Revising 24/7 is a boring lifestyle so doing the things you usually do (for me its gym) ensured that the season is not doom and gloom everyday.


  • Don’t break your sleep patterns – This is so important. One bad night of sleep could cost you a day of revision. Establish a sleeping pattern and stick to it and be sure that you have 7-9 hours of sleep, as recommended for adults.


  • Socialise – Many people revise independently. That’s fine but don’t cut yourself off from friends and family, talking to people makes sure you don’t drive yourself crazy, as simple as it sounds.


  • Stay hydrated – Do I need to even mention this?


There’s your weekly exam tips guys. Lets get the new year off to a bang!

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Hi everyone, my name's Leon and I am currently a first year undergraduate studying Mathematics. My first year of studying has been intriguing and I want to give you guys some insight into the different aspects of Mathematics. Additionally, the life of a student can prove to be challenging but it's certainly one you can prepare for, so I will be sharing some useful tips to help you thrive on your self-living journey.

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