Looking for a student job?

It’s my favourite part of January, Unitemps is open for business and they are advertising Usually, they will always have a couple of job ready after exams and if you’ve read my previous blogs, I’ve always said Unitemps are awesome for 3 main reasons! Low level difficulty of work, respectable pay offered and very flexible around your university timetable.


So without further ado, lets find a job:


  • Student Conversion Assistant – In a nutshell, you support the management of student applications to Leicester by conveying information to applicants and taking any questions they have. If you know your university well, this job will be suitable for you.


  • Student Ambassador – This is like an investment into the future. This role gives you opportunities to egt involved in student events during the term. There are no set hours for this, you simply decide which events you want to sign up on.


  • Helpzone Assistant – Simply supporting people with issues in the library such as book returns, IT troubles etc.


  • Summer School Mentor – Ok, here’s a one off, if you’re looking for a summer job, have a look at this role. It’s especially useful if you want to get some experience in managing a group of students and trying to help them build their confidence.


These are the best student ones on Unitemps at the moment. Make sure you keep updated with the website as pretty soon, they will need students to help with calling new student and helping out on open day.

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