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This is a topic I know best, since I live 5 minutes from Highcross and whatever small amount of money I can scrape, goes towards eating out. I really should get a job! But ah well, last semester means I’m gonna live it up at my favourite restaurants:


Kai – For me, the best breakfast or brunch in Leicester. Without a doubt, the American pancakes give it the fine reputation it deserves. The outside seating is very welcoming, just be wary that it is a little pricy for the average student.


Haute Dolci – If you love a scrumptious dessert, don’t look further than this place. As you walk inside, it just appears so classy, the service feels exclusive and of course, the desserts are delicious. I love the Belgian waffles personally but the menu has over 50 desserts and you can customise your own.


Ooodles – I am a huge fan of noodles and Oodles can cook noodles! They offer food boxes that are customisable with your own meat, sides, sauce etc. The portions are absolutely enormous! I ordered a large box for around £7 and could not even finish half. But as they come in take out boxes, I just popped it in the fridge.


Shimla Pinks – Not quite in the City Centre but on a 5-10 minute walk away, this is the best indian restaurant in Leicester. From their paneer to potato gobi, everything is just heavenly. The service and area feels high class, they even have an optional service charge. I will say however, whenever I eat here, it’s probably the most expensive out of all places.


These are some of my favourite restaurants. If you know any others that deserve a shout out, let me know in the comments.

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