Reading Week Tips

I count my blessings that Maths get a reading week. For me, they are so useful not just to catch up, but to just chillout for a while. If only February holidays existed for us.


Anyway, what is the point of reading week? To go on holiday? Erm… sure, but here’s how it can actually be productive:


  • Read lecture notes – Especially if you have a lot 0f theorems and proofs, this week is an opportunity to familiarise yourself with them and avoid cramming.


  • Revisit problem sheets – In my computing module, I completed all problem sheets and felt amazing. The came the exam and I could not redo a single question on the sheets. Revisit them to familiarise yourself with the questions.


  • Establish a sleeping pattern – Mine tends to break during the term so use this week to return to your routine. Did you know not using your phone 1 hour before bed increases melotolin (a sleep hormone) which improves your sleep.


These are my reading week tips. Hope you find them useful.




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Hi everyone, my name's Leon and I am currently a first year undergraduate studying Mathematics. My first year of studying has been intriguing and I want to give you guys some insight into the different aspects of Mathematics. Additionally, the life of a student can prove to be challenging but it's certainly one you can prepare for, so I will be sharing some useful tips to help you thrive on your self-living journey.

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