Zindagi 2019

After living in Leicester for 3 years, I can safely say that the university has won my heart with it’s vibrant events, with Zindagi being one of the best ones.


What is Zindagi

Only a end of term event that entices an evening of luxurious dress ups, a fancy 3 course meal and live performances from some of your favourite Bollywood artists. In case you’re wondering, Zindagi means life. Yep, true fact! So what was Zindagi 2018 like?




  • Zindagi (life) – Combining the Pakistani and Indian society this year, Zindagi seems only to be getting bigger. If you fancy dressing up in your most exquisite clothes and enjoying a 3 course meal while dancing to some of the latest Bollywood songs, this event is for you. Live performances will happen and guys, Imran Khan is coming! I hope you have heard Amplifier because that is sure to be played. But what was 2018 like?




  • This event featured a live singing performance from Zack Knight, who in case you didn’t know, is one of the most trending Bollywood artists at this current time. We also had our 3 course meal, which I did not find amazing. Portions were less and they could have been better, but the food was not a priority for me.


My verdict is to go! It’s a chance to have a final luxurious night out with your friends before the Easter break. Also, if you are planning to see Drake in Leicester, Zindagi finishes around 11 so you will have time to make it to Republic!


Have a good Easter.

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