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Ever done an escape room? They are exhilarating but incredibly frustrating! I recently tried Leicester’s Escape Reality at the ‘ Jungala’ room. It was based on the movie Jumanji, so it involved a few board game puzzles.  The guy at the counter told me and my brother that the success rate for this room was 65%. So even though it was our first ever escape room, we were feeling pretty confident with our odds. Little did we know.


We walk into the room with nothing but a torch. As we solve the first easy puzzle which was just getting a key out of a maze, we came across some ridiculously difficult, yet easy challenges. One of them just involved counting the number of animals on a picture but the room itself was full of clutter such as a book shelf, small screws lying around and unusual items. It’s so easy to get distracted. Thankfully, we had an iPad to give us clues and we used it to the max!


The second room was dreadful! We came across a map of which we had no idea how to use. We ended up calling in the receptionist guy twice! Even with his help, the room just always added a little twist on everything that stopped you getting the right key code combination. By the way, there were so many locks and keypads. I don’t know how we made it into the third and final room. Oh yeah, with the massive help of our receptionist friend opening the final door and giving us an extra ten minutes, out of sympathy, when we had played the full hour.


The final room… yeah we failed miserably. From counting stuffed animals to trying to figure out pie charts, I can safely say we underestimated escape rooms. Although, they are so well planned and thought out, I can’t help but be impressed with the level of thought gone into each room. Next on my list is the bank job. And this time, I’m treating the room with respect.


Anyway, Escape reality is £20 per person but it’s definitely something to give you a real buzz! I definitely recommend it!

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