The day before the exam

I am writing to you one hour before the beginning of my first exam. I bet your thinking, “Erm, why are you not revising”? Well, I have a fairly strict routine from the day before the exam to the second the exam starts:


  • Relax – Now, I don’t mean put your feet up all day or party the night before. But I do not like cramming! It results in me making silly mistakes in the exam due to an overload of information and fatigue. It’s good to read over notes, but I do not revise excessively! In fact, I like to cut down my revision by a couple of hours or so.


  • Early sleep, late morning – Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, don’t wake up the next morning feeling exhausted. Now, some people struggle to sleep before an exam due to stress. That’s why you should refer to my first bullet point, relax! I certainly do not revise before bed, I’d rather read something interesting.


  • Decrease communication – It’s horrible when before an exam, people are just making you jittery. I know that sometimes, your thoughts are a dark place to be around, but the people you love could be an even bigger distraction.  Therefore, I like to turn my Wi-Fi off and revise alone.


  • Don’t break your routine – Our habits keep us sane during exam season. Don’t stop eating, reduce exercise, watching TV, cooking or any other hobbies you have. Especially before the exam. It will keep you sane and provide a nice distraction from the revision.


What do you think of my advice? Honestly, most people would say the opposite, and it’s probably worked for them. But for me, the less, the better (strange as that may sound).


Wish me luck,


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