Tuesday 14th May 2019, the day I have officially finished university. Wow, just wow. I mean, it’s not really settled in because guess where I am right now? The university library, blogging to you guys. And just finishing off little tasks here and there.


For those of you who still have exams, you’ll realise that when you finish, it’s not as amazing as it should feel (I think). It’s because you’ll experience a sudden change in routine, which does not feel right. But I’m banking that in a few days or weeks, I’ll find a new routine to become accustomed to.


You know it’s relieving to be free but also, I’m scared that I’ll fall into a deep spiral of boredom. So I don’t care where I am, I’m making it my mission to plan things to do in the summer, even if they are just little jobs to do or casual days out. Where’s the money coming from you ask? I took my first overdraft and plan on spending it on a joyful summer (please don’t copy my stupid financial plans, future me will regret it).


Ok, I’m also looking for a weekend job just to make me feel not totally useless, since I don’t have a grad scheme to look forward to. It’s a little scary when people around you can have a stress free financial summer because they are starting their grad scheme soon. However, it’s also fine not to have one, everybody’s journey is different and when my time comes, it will come. If we copied everyone else, we could never be unique right? Besides, I have the next 50 years to work so for now, can I just enjoy my life?


Anyway, that’s my mood after exams. Hopefully, you’ll have a more positive one, rather than a concerning one. Happy exam season!

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Hi everyone, my name's Leon and I am currently a first year undergraduate studying Mathematics. My first year of studying has been intriguing and I want to give you guys some insight into the different aspects of Mathematics. Additionally, the life of a student can prove to be challenging but it's certainly one you can prepare for, so I will be sharing some useful tips to help you thrive on your self-living journey.

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One response to “WE DONE!”

  1. Emily

    Congratulations, Leon!

    It has been great following you along through your blog posts! I enjoyed your mix of subjects, which covered your perspectives on school, the city, your personal life, and the interplay between those worlds. You kept me interested!

    What’s more, despite living next door to you for a school year, it was fun seeing things we were both exposed to but through your eyes. And, I must say it was lovely being a guest on one of your posts, too!

    Thank you for your words and company online. Best of luck with your next chapter! I know your communication skills – as exhibited through your blog – will serve you well.

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