Leicester Fiesta

If you’ve been walking around Campus recently, I’m sure you’ve seen posters for this everywhere. Well, I hope so, I’ve been promoting it all week!


Leicester Fiesta is a bunch of events on Campus that are designed to entertain you, all for free! Let me give you some insight into what Thursday 30th May will look like:


  • Performances from societies – Societies are putting on end of year performances and you can expect them to be extravagant! Asian Dance Society, Band & Gig Society, Leicester University Voices are just a few of the names ready to wow you.


  • Food at it’s finest – If you are a fan of street food, you don’t want to miss out! There will be stalls in campus serving the tastiest, most original street food.


  • Get creative – Is your dream job to become a circus performer? Have you wanted to try pottery before? Or are you interested in making your own flower garland headdress? With a bunch of crazy events happening on Thursday, creativeness will be surrounding you.


  • Save the planet – Grab your dry food essentials from the zero waste shop and you can be contributing towards a healthier environment. There will also be some awareness events happening regarding plastic waste.

Remember, on Thursday this week, Leicester Fiesta is free to come to and enjoy for students and non students. You can read more information on the following link. Hope to see you all there.



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