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So with the summer here, my plan is to get a summer job that can fund my antics but also pay for driving lessons. I went on Unitemps and found this fundraising role with a company called Wesser. Turns out it does all of the above and more!


Fundraising with Wesser is an opportunity to move out to another city in the UK and live in accommodation with a set of random people and go out fundraising for St Johns Ambulance. Not only will you be paid for working about 8 hours a day, your accommodation and travel expenses will be paid for by Wesser. Not to mention that you can live (or relive) a kind of university halls experience, as the people you live with are most likely to be students.


I have an assessment day with Wesser but I am feeling confident. It’s worth mentioning that in my interview, it was very relaxed. You just have to demonstrate that you are a natural communicator and a positive individual.


Doesn’t this sound like an awesome opportunity? I did NCS in year 12 and I have a feeling that this will be a similar experience, except that we also get paid! Standard pay is £10 an hour.


Another cool thing to note is that you can choose when you start as they have multiple start dates. I recommend that you go on the Wesser website and see what’s available. Good luck!



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