A trip to London

This Tuesday, I took a trip to London with the hope that it would be an enjoyable day out. Turns out I have been oblivious as to what the big city can offer.


Look, my whole life, I’ve liked to be comfortable in my environment. That’s why I went to UOL, the city seemed exciting yet not too overwhelming. So when I had only my second day trip in London, I was ecstatic to have just such an incredible time.


So what did I do? Well me and my friend took to a local cafe first. I know this sounds basic but it just feels different to eating in other cities, the vibes are just so much better.


We then went to AIM escape rooms. And wow, if this isn’t the most classiest escape room I’ve ever been to! As you walk in, there are soft cream chairs waiting for you and as for the actual room, it was one of the most cunningly planned rooms I’ve done. It was based off a stag do gone wrong and we were responsible for getting the groom back to the wedding in time. And guess what? We completed it! To our surprise.


And to round the day off, a meal at City Social is a hell of a posh way to dine. This place is a Michelin star restaurant. The views are stunning, overseeing major buildings such as the Gurkin and Sky Gardens. And the food is just absolutely divine! In fact, I don’t even know what I had (artichoke with some other stuff) but it was just too tasty that I don’t even care. I really recommend this place to anyone and everyone.


It also doesn’t hurt to have great company so a huge shoutout to my friend for accompanying me and doing all the work on the tube (I struggle so bad with it).


I’m interested to know, what are some of your favourite things to do in London? Because I know that I shall be returning, ready to explore some more.

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