A new job in Scotland

So it’s been a while. Last week, I was in England getting training for my new fundraising role. Little did I know that the company would move me into a new home in Scotland, a home with a huge living room, a garden the size of a park and our own private swimming pool. Am I working or on holiday?


Sadly, I am working. There’s been little time to enjoy my stay because door to door fundraising is one of the most mentally gruesome challenges I have ever faced. My job is to knock on over 100 doors a day and get people to become a regular donator for St Andrew’s First Aid.


How many times have you had a cold caller knock on your door asking you for money. Now ask yourself how many times you gave them regular support? Probably none right? That’s the hard part with this job. It’s not about how many good days can you have but more about how many bad days can you cope with? Because after constant rejection, you can so easily break down.


However, there are many pros to this job. The feeling when you get a signup is amazing, you know that your work has contributed towards a vital charity. It also gives you more confidence in your fundraising skills. Not to mention that more signups = more commission for you.


In short, this job is a rollercoaster of emotions. One day you can feel 7 ft tall, the other day you can feel like absolute rubbish. So far, I’ve had 9 signups this week. The role asks for 15 a week so lets hope things will get better.

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