Vision Board – Your summer goals

Aside from the World Cup (which is an absolute thriller by the way), a lot of the summer holidays so far has just been on setting new goals.   One hobby I have is reading. Not fictional books but books on self improvement. One particular concept caught my attention; A Vision Board. Here is how […]

Support the 3 Lions

England’s World Cup campaign finally kicks off today and after seeing some very unpredictable performances already, I think this could be anybody’s game.   The World Cup has come at a perfect time for me. I have no job and no exams so if I can literally watch all the games. But of course, I […]

Back to Coventry without an internship

Since arriving back home, I have been constantly pressured by family to look for something to do, I guess they are not happy that I’m excessively relaxing. It feels a little disappointing to not have an internship but the truth is, I was unsure of what to do during second year and therefore, I did […]

See you soon UOL

Celebration times have begun as all Maths students have officially finished exams. But unfortunately, this also meant for me saying “See you later” to Leicester as I prepare for a long 4 month break.   I cannot describe how quickly my second year has passed. It’s hard to appreciate every moment you experience but I […]

Maths vs Law – Q & A

Have I ever mentioned that my flatmate Emily studies law? We both study intense subjects but I have noticed some peculiar differences between the two courses. So, now that both courses’ exams have finished, I’ve decided to explore the distinctions between Maths and Law. (If you think Maths students have it hard, brace yourself!)   […]

Your survival guide for Mathematics

It’s presumed that you have to be intelligent to study Maths at University. In my opinion, this is wrong! My experience has suggested that Maths is not about being smart, it’s about having the 5 R’s:   Remembering definitions – Some exam questions will simply test your memory. As for the others, it’s just about applying […]

How Mathematics (nearly) destroyed the world

My cousin is a huge gossiper about ‘theories’. You know, that person who says something large has happened under complete discretion that has transformed our world. So this blog has been inspired by her; I’m going to tell you a story but I will only cover the main points. Then you decide if it’s real […]

Take A Walk

Do you find that sometimes just walking and talking can clear your head? And what better time to destress than the exam season? Walk Leicester have organised a walk festival currently ongoing till the 31st May:   Step by Step to Moving More – Explore Spinney Hills Park with all the outdoor gym equiment and […]

Your Leicester Sports Update

When I’m in full on revision mode, I can smash through past papers as if it’s no different to breathing. And when I’m in relaxation mode, I can watch football from morning to night. Today is Saturday and it’s almost time for the Liverpool vs Stoke City kick off (come on Mo Salah). If being […]

The sun is here! But where am I?

Right now, I feel depressed. I mean how often does the weather in England get as fabulous as this, yet I am stuck in the library revising and finishing off coursework. I want to go outside and play!   In fact, the sun has changed the atmosphere around the uni and Leicester. Victoria Park is […]

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