Graduation awaits

I am happy to say that I received a first class honors in Mathematics Bsc and am now ready to start a new chapter. The last 3 years have been one heck of a journey.   Math graduates will be swarming UOL this Thursday, celebrating our fantastic achievements. I am sure it will be emotional […]

A new job in Scotland

So it’s been a while. Last week, I was in England getting training for my new fundraising role. Little did I know that the company would move me into a new home in Scotland, a home with a huge living room, a garden the size of a park and our own private swimming pool. Am […]

A trip to London

This Tuesday, I took a trip to London with the hope that it would be an enjoyable day out. Turns out I have been oblivious as to what the big city can offer.   Look, my whole life, I’ve liked to be comfortable in my environment. That’s why I went to UOL, the city seemed […]

Summer job: Wesser

So with the summer here, my plan is to get a summer job that can fund my antics but also pay for driving lessons. I went on Unitemps and found this fundraising role with a company called Wesser. Turns out it does all of the above and more!   Fundraising with Wesser is an opportunity […]

Leicester Fiesta

If you’ve been walking around Campus recently, I’m sure you’ve seen posters for this everywhere. Well, I hope so, I’ve been promoting it all week!   Leicester Fiesta is a bunch of events on Campus that are designed to entertain you, all for free! Let me give you some insight into what Thursday 30th May […]

Taking your University Questions


Tuesday 14th May 2019, the day I have officially finished university. Wow, just wow. I mean, it’s not really settled in because guess where I am right now? The university library, blogging to you guys. And just finishing off little tasks here and there.   For those of you who still have exams, you’ll realise […]

The day before the exam

I am writing to you one hour before the beginning of my first exam. I bet your thinking, “Erm, why are you not revising”? Well, I have a fairly strict routine from the day before the exam to the second the exam starts:   Relax – Now, I don’t mean put your feet up all […]

Escape Reality

Ever done an escape room? They are exhilarating but incredibly frustrating! I recently tried Leicester’s Escape Reality at the ‘ Jungala’ room. It was based on the movie Jumanji, so it involved a few board game puzzles.  The guy at the counter told me and my brother that the success rate for this room was […]

Walk Festival 2019

Hey guys, so we’ve reached our favourite season hey? You know, it’s always a shame when the sun decides to pop out during exam season. Make me feel even more depressed when revising. However, it’s great for your days off, and maybe a walk around Leicester, taking in the fresh air and vitamin D might […]

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