Gift wrapping… unwrapped

IT’S (almost) CHRISTMAAAS! Yes that’s right, in approximately 150 hours it will be Christmas Day. This means next Wednesday morning, there will be people of all ages around the country tearing open around 230,000 miles of wrapping paper to discover what presents await inside. And that’s just Britain. I’ve always wondered the point of wrapping […]

Oh my dates!

Oh my dates!

Just passing by with a quick number acknowledgement. As someone who loves numbers, I got excited earlier when I dated my work and noticed the date. Yes, it’s 11-12-13! This is what is called a ‘sequential date’ and will not happen again until February 2013 (which let’s be honest, I most likely won’t see). Reading […]

When I grow up…

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ This is a question not only asked of us when we were five, six or seven; it’s a question still asked of us now as university students. As a final year student, this is probably #questionoftheyear. As an (almost) mathematician, throughout my time at university, […]

Leicester Award

A conversation I overheard in the library today brought me back to this time last year. In my second year, I participated in what is called the ‘Leicester Award for Employability’, which is an award that runs within the university and helps develop skills you would need when applying for jobs and in your future […]

That time of year

So tomorrow marks the beginning of Week 7 – aaaahh! Where has the semester gone?! It’s that time of the semester again: just past halfway with lots of work to complete and deadlines in sight. The temperature has finally dropped too making wearing a coat now a necessity. For final years especially, the time is […]

How “Interest”-ing

When choosing which modules to take this semester, I had to think carefully about which ones would help me the most in everyday life. The reason for this is that I have finally decided what I want to be when I grow up… wahey! (Stay tuned to find out what the decision is) In other […]

What Lies Ahead

So coming to the end of our second week back and first week of lectures and classes, rather than reflecting on what I have done the past fortnight, I’m going to ‘think outside the box’ and look to what lies ahead for the rest of the semester. The first thing you will notice each year […]

It’s ‘oiler’ not ‘yuler’

When you join the University of Leicester to study Mathematics you will be not only be assigned a personal tutor, but also a ‘house’ too. There are four houses within the maths department: Euler, Gauss, Newton and Noether. Nope, your house is not decided by a ‘sorting compass’ that spins to the house which you […]

What to prepare when you’re preparing

Tell someone you’re studying maths at university and you will often receive one of the following responses: – ‘Omg you must be a genius’ – ‘Wow that sounds hard’ – ‘I hated maths at school’ – ‘Ah I’m not that good at maths at school’ – ‘Oh what do you want to be when your […]

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