The ultimate selfie

The One Where I Graduate

  I’m a Graduate. It’s so crazy the whole thing (even two weeks later) still feels very surreal, I guess it’s like with anything – you don’t just wake up the next morning and feel like you’re a completely different person – it just kind of hits you one day when you look back on […]

I completely forgot it’s still holidays

Like a tin of well-known fence paint, this post will be about what the extremely imaginative title suggests. In the midst of (I wish I could say hardcore but that’s definitely pushing it… a lot) revision, I was just thinking about life when I realised, it’s actually still vacation time for the university! With the […]

When did 2014 happen?

When did 2014 happen?

  I’m coming out of a thick forest and I see the mass of trees thinning out. As I edge further out my eyes begin to adjust to the light and see what’s coming up ahead. It’s the edge. The edge of life as I know it. Deep in the ravine is a gushing river […]

The art of procrastination

I see no better time to write this post than when I am putting off revising for my final exam this Monday. In fact, we could construct a Logistic regression model to find the longest time interval I can put off studying for – see, revision pays off when you can ‘theory-drop’ into everyday conversation. […]

That time of year

So tomorrow marks the beginning of Week 7 – aaaahh! Where has the semester gone?! It’s that time of the semester again: just past halfway with lots of work to complete and deadlines in sight. The temperature has finally dropped too making wearing a coat now a necessity. For final years especially, the time is […]

What to prepare when you’re preparing

Tell someone you’re studying maths at university and you will often receive one of the following responses: – ‘Omg you must be a genius’ – ‘Wow that sounds hard’ – ‘I hated maths at school’ – ‘Ah I’m not that good at maths at school’ – ‘Oh what do you want to be when your […]

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