Tuesday 14th May 2019, the day I have officially finished university. Wow, just wow. I mean, it’s not really settled in because guess where I am right now? The university library, blogging to you guys. And just finishing off little tasks here and there.   For those of you who still have exams, you’ll realise […]

The day before the exam

I am writing to you one hour before the beginning of my first exam. I bet your thinking, “Erm, why are you not revising”? Well, I have a fairly strict routine from the day before the exam to the second the exam starts:   Relax – Now, I don’t mean put your feet up all […]

Escape Reality

Ever done an escape room? They are exhilarating but incredibly frustrating! I recently tried Leicester’s Escape Reality at the ‘ Jungala’ room. It was based on the movie Jumanji, so it involved a few board game puzzles.  The guy at the counter told me and my brother that the success rate for this room was […]

Walk Festival 2019

Hey guys, so we’ve reached our favourite season hey? You know, it’s always a shame when the sun decides to pop out during exam season. Make me feel even more depressed when revising. However, it’s great for your days off, and maybe a walk around Leicester, taking in the fresh air and vitamin D might […]

NSS Trip


Zindagi 2019

After living in Leicester for 3 years, I can safely say that the university has won my heart with it’s vibrant events, with Zindagi being one of the best ones.   What is Zindagi Only a end of term event that entices an evening of luxurious dress ups, a fancy 3 course meal and live […]

Careers Development Service – You have lifetime support

Did you know that you have lifetime access to the careers service? This applies to you if you are studying or have studied at UOL. But what does this mean?   Free CV and Application Checks – The service will review you CV or applications content (not spelling/grammar) and give you their feedback. This is a […]

Daniel Brown Sports Centre

  Hey everyone, this week I decided to make a vlog on the university’s own gym. Hopefully this vlog can help you decide whether it’s worth buying a gym membership here. Leave me a comment below if you have any questions.

Reading Week Tips

I count my blessings that Maths get a reading week. For me, they are so useful not just to catch up, but to just chillout for a while. If only February holidays existed for us.   Anyway, what is the point of reading week? To go on holiday? Erm… sure, but here’s how it can […]

Post Exam Trauma

This Monday, the Maths Department released our first term results online. I cannot describe to you how intense the day was. How one page resulted in a whirlpool of emotion for me and my peers. I am pleased to say that I was delighted with my results.   Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for […]

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