Careers Development Service – You have lifetime support

Did you know that you have lifetime access to the careers service? This applies to you if you are studying or have studied at UOL. But what does this mean?   Free CV and Application Checks – The service will review you CV or applications content (not spelling/grammar) and give you their feedback. This is a […]

Daniel Brown Sports Centre

  Hey everyone, this week I decided to make a vlog on the university’s own gym. Hopefully this vlog can help you decide whether it’s worth buying a gym membership here. Leave me a comment below if you have any questions.

Reading Week Tips

I count my blessings that Maths get a reading week. For me, they are so useful not just to catch up, but to just chillout for a while. If only February holidays existed for us.   Anyway, what is the point of reading week? To go on holiday? Erm… sure, but here’s how it can […]

Post Exam Trauma

This Monday, the Maths Department released our first term results online. I cannot describe to you how intense the day was. How one page resulted in a whirlpool of emotion for me and my peers. I am pleased to say that I was delighted with my results.   Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for […]

Valentines Diary

I’m sure by now, whether it’s dining out with your valentine’s, watching a movie, chilling with friends and family, you’ve probably organised plans for a special Thursday night. But if you’re still unsure about how to spend this prosperous day, keep reading.   Leicester has a range of events to give you a wonderful Valentines […]

City Centre – Best Food Establishments

This is a topic I know best, since I live 5 minutes from Highcross and whatever small amount of money I can scrape, goes towards eating out. I really should get a job! But ah well, last semester means I’m gonna live it up at my favourite restaurants:   Kai – For me, the best breakfast […]

Maths Q & A

To all those A level students considering studying Maths at the University of Leicester,. I know you must have many questions about the course here. I’ve been receiving a lot of emails lately with a bunch of questions, so I took the 3 most popular questions and produced a vlog with my friend which hopefully […]

Looking for a student job?

It’s my favourite part of January, Unitemps is open for business and they are advertising Usually, they will always have a couple of job ready after exams and if you’ve read my previous blogs, I’ve always said Unitemps are awesome for 3 main reasons! Low level difficulty of work, respectable pay offered and very flexible […]

Your Leicester Weekly Events Calender

Hey all, did you know the city of the 2016 Premier League champions is always entertaining? You don’t want to miss out on these upcoming events:   Chris Smither – A fine acoustic guitarist and songwriter is coming to Leicester, along with Matt Lorenz  who is a young musician. If fine music is your thing, […]

A fresh start

Finally, the most stressful time of the year is over. So now, what to do? Binge watch US Office? Go out celebrating? Take a trip back home? Nope, I am currently in the library waiting for my next lecture. Unbelievable! As soon as exams are over, they decide to throw semester two at us, I […]

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