My very first (and unmissable) blog post!

Hey guys!

I thought I would use my first blog post to introduce myself and tell you how I managed to end up being a second year Media and Communication student, as well as being the President of the Media and Communications society 🙂

It all started from sixth form when I wasn’t too sure about going into higher education and wondering if it was worth the three grand (now it’s something like nine grand) a year fees when I could just get a job now and earn money. None of my parents went to university and I lived in a not-so-nice area of London. It wasn’t really in my background to go to university, although a lot of the newer generation of my family goes onto higher education now.

Then I found out that I really wanted to get into the media industry. I loved doing Media Studies in A-Level and wanted to have a high end media job – no matter if it’s in broadcasting, marketing, advertising or journalism. After talking it over with my family and tutors, I decided university was the right step for me.

University of Leicester is great in what it offers within the Media and Communications department. It is mostly a theoretical course, so don’t expect too many practical elements. When I applied to do the course, it was rated fourth highest nationally from all Media courses in the UK (according to The Times) but it was ranked first for me, mainly because I got to live in a big city again.

I met some great friends in first year – who will definitely be friends for life. I’m not joking, they really are some of the most relatable and genuine people you will meet. There’s something about university where you get to meet the good, the bad and the crazy. It’s all about making the right choices of people to be friends with!

Those great friends I made on BSc Communications, Media and Society course, we decided to create a society since there hasn’t been an academic society in the past. So far we’ve had a bar crawl so we got to know one another and a trip to the BBC – within the first six or so weeks of the year. We have cinema trips planned, as well as a trip to the Harry Potter studios!

So if you’re actually reading this blog and thinking about coming to university, my main piece of advice would be to go for it! It’s turned out great for me so far and it’s been an incredible experience.

Also, don’t forget to comment! I would love to hear from you guys and feel free to ask me any questions about the city of Leicester, student life or about the Media and Communication courses.

Until next time, see ya.

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One response to “My very first (and unmissable) blog post!”

  1. Agrodut Mandal


    I am new here in blog. Already gone through the post. Great post you had written. Hope, will get more exciting news from you.

    Agrodut Mandal

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