Three months into the academic year, and I finally no longer feel like a Fresher

I remember when it was the first week back of term and I was excited for it to start once again, and the feeling of being back in Leicester. It was tough not to see the city during the summer but now all I can think of is going back home for Christmas!

So with the first term practically over, the only thing left to do is think about exams. I was always the person who dreaded exams and was much better with coursework. Now that it is second year, exams count towards your degree.

People keep saying that second year is tough and will be the hardest year in your academic life because of the jump after being a Fresher. Either way, it wasn’t as tough as I thought. Not that I disagree and think it’s easy, but people also forget to mention that the work becomes a lot more interesting. Earlier this week, I studied about the stereotypes that the media reinforces through examples of television shows and films. ‘Interpreting media texts’ is a nice way of saying that we watched some films in our lecture.

We studied about the racial stereotypes that the media reinforces. Obviously it sounds like simple stuff, but we had to analyse it in deeper levels, thinking critically and applying theoretical discourses. In Media and Communications, you eventually learn everything is overcomplicated and there is no one right answer. As long as you argue your case and back it up with scholarly thought, then you’re on the right path.

Drawing back to my blog title, I do feel like a second year. I feel the weight of the £9k degree my shoulder and expectations from my family. Then again, it’s natural and you just have to take it easy while still enjoying yourself. The people on your course feel the same, and so do your friends. So while the work is tougher, it is 100% more fun and rewarding.

Here’s hoping that second year will always be like this! (Haha, yeah right!)

As always, feel free to discuss with comments below 🙂

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