End of Year Review: 2012 in words, pictures and emotions (Part Two)

Continuing on from my blog last week, I decided to review my student year in words, pictures and emotions 🙂

If you haven’t seen part one of the blog, then check it out here! If not, then I’ll continue so keep reading.


This was the month where I had my second set of university exams. I remember the feeling of not doing much revision (yet again) and being extremely scared of the questions which may come up. I remember having this feeling in my stomach that I was going to be sick on the bus journey towards the exam halls. I’m definitely not an exam person and couldn’t wait for it to be over and done with.

I also remember May being the month where I first started setting up the foundations for the Media and Communications society for the next year. I had big aims of where to take the society, I wanted to go the Harry Potter trip and bring in media industry professionals to help us find jobs in the future. So if you had an idea of starting up a society, it’s best to start early!


June was my favourite month of the academic year, after October when I started university and Freshers Week happened. Luckily, University of Leicester still has a month left after the exams finish. Some people may have more classes but most people have a month free, to still hang around in Leicester. This is when I was able to explore Leicester more as a city and take part in some city events.

As well as exploring the city life, the University held a funfair at the Oadby Student Village where most Freshers are located. It had bands, rides, attractions, food, ice cream and fun games to play. June was a time of celebration after a hard year’s academic work.


After all the university antics that I got up to in my Freshers year, it was time to come home and end the ‘year of the Fresher’. It was good seeing old friends from school again that you didn’t have enough time to see during the year. July was the month of catching up with old friends and to apply for jobs for the upcoming expensive year.


August was a slow moving month for me. I wish I could say what happened but I don’t remember most of it. Sadly I didn’t get any jobs that I applied for but I was able to go to the Olympics, since it was happening 20 minutes away from my house!

I only managed to get tickets for Handball but it was amazing. Going to the Olympic Park was one of the best experiences in my life, seeing as I went to the greatest show on Earth.

London 2012


Next week, I will be concluding the blog with my first look into being a second year and what happened in the special month of November, my birthday!

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