End of Year Review: 2012 in words, pictures and emotions (Part Three)

This is my final 2012 review, since you know, 2012 is totally in the past! As I’ve said before, I did this review so if you’re thinking about going to university, you can see an accurate glimpse of the student life, which is not provided by E4 and Skins.

Please make sure you have checked out Part One and Part Two before reading on, they are all awesome entries!



The month where I finally return to Leicester to start my second year! This is the year where I knew I had to step up my game and work harder since for Media and Communications, every assignment I have (essay, presentations and exams) all count towards my degree. I want to do the best I can in university, so that I can come out after three years saying that I gave it all that I got.

The biggest difference from first and second year has to be the living arrangements. Last year, I lived in the Oadby halls and that was a lot of fun. I made a lot of friends and I will miss seeing them every day, as well as having catered food ready for me when I got back from campus. Moving into a student house with four other people was new to me, but I’ve known these guys and they are great friends of mine. Even though I will miss having food cooked for me, I know that it’s worth living with four of my closest friends.


Classes start in October and the new semester begins. My three modules are The Production of News, which takes a more journalistic stance within the media and the role of the press in society. Second module is New Media and the Wired World, which later on turns out to be the hardest module I’ve ever studied in my life about how new media and communications technology has shaped the world we live in. Last module is called Media, Identity and the Popular which revolves around how the media chooses to represent certain elements such as race, national identity, gender and sexuality.

As well as new classes, October represents Freshers Fair and Freshers Fortnight. Both are events throughout all universities in the UK whereby Freshers and new students are introduced to the social side of university – nights out, student societies and meeting new people. They are extremely friendly and one of the best periods in university life.

As the President of the Media and Communications (SMAC) society, I had a stall at Freshers Fair trying to promote the society to other students to get them to sign up to the society for activities and events being held throughout the year.


Talking of events and activities that SMAC Society throws throughout the year, we had our first huge trip in November! It consisted of a trip of fifty students going to the BBC Television Centre in London to get a tour around all the different studios and playing interactive games. It was hugely successful and so popular that not everyone who wanted to go, could make it since there were limited spaces.

If you are thinking of taking Media and Communications, or any similar course within the department at the University of Leicester, then like our Facebook page and feel free to post on our timeline asking us about the course!


Whenever I think of December, I think of Christmas. We broke up on the 14th, tired from all the essays and other pieces of coursework we had to hand in before we went home to celebrate Christmas with the family. Not much to say on this month, but it’s no different from any other December’s in my past 20 years of living 🙂

Next week I’ll be going back to my usual blogging format now that exams are over and I have plenty of more time to speak about my course, my student life and Leicester!

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