University of Leicester: Student Bucket List

As a student of the University of Leicester, I thought I would come up with a list of essential things you need to do when you arrive at the university to make the best of your time here. If you are thinking of studying Media and Communications then you will be doing a three-year course. You may choose to do a semester of study abroad where you can study at such countries like Canada, USA, Sweden or Japan.

(Those were the countries that was offered to me last year, so be warned they may change on a yearly basis)

But in this blog entry, I will outline the top five things you should do while at the UoL:

1. Ride the paternoster in the Attenborough Tower

According to local legend and rumours, we are the only building in Europe that has a paternoster. What a paternoster is, is an open door lift which is continuously moving. You jump in and jump out when you need to. It isn’t as scary as it sounds and is actually really fun if you have a couple of minutes in-between classes, then I’d strongly recommend you check it out in the Attenborough Tower and have a ride on it yourself.

2. Take a journey on the bendy bus

There is a regular bendy bus service from Monday-Saturday, going from the student village in Oadby into University of Leicester and into the city centre. The best part about riding the bendy bus? Standing in the middle where there is somewhat of a rotating disc which semi-spins when the bus is making a turn. Try standing on it and not holding onto anything, keep your balance and it’s a fun thing to do.

3. Visit Bankfield House

As a Media and Communications student, you should be aware that our department office is housed in Bankfield House. This site is off-campus and situated just off University Road on a pedestrian footpath called New Walk. Although there’s mainly the administration staff, Bankfield can be a nice place to do some silent work since there are tables situated throughout the building for when the library is busy around essay deadlines and exam periods.

 4. Go to the O2 Academy for a night out

University of Leicester is the only university in the UK which has an O2 Academy on-campus. An O2 Academy is a venue which houses the latest artists and bands for performances. Good for nights out, with student prices, popular music and a packed house most of the time.

 5. Go out every night in Freshers Week

As an introduction to the social side of university, the university holds two solid weeks of clubbing for you to get to know your fellow freshers. You can buy a freshers wristband for around £50, which means you have access to every night out. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, it’s still awesome to listen to some good songs, watch people doing drunk stupid things and making friends.


Those are the top five things that you should do while you’re at the University. There are tons of other great things to do such as checking out the dinosaur skeleton in the Geology building, eat the amazing muffins in the Library Café (seriously, best muffins I have ever had in my life) and chilling out in the Percy Gee SU building.

Whatever you do, make sure that you have fun while you’re at the University, because time goes fast and you wish that you could be a student forever.

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