Exam results are in! The real problems with exams


The word sends students on all night revision sessions, aided by ProPlus and Red Bull. It is also a word that gives students a horrible deep sickening feeling in their stomachs when they realise they have learned nothing over the past few months in their modules.

But why do we put ourselves through this? And why have there been no huge reforms of examinations?

Examinations are an archaic and out-of-date method to test how good your memory is. When it comes to subjects which are social sciences (politics, sociology, media and communications, etc.) then I don’t see how it’s beneficial to cram ideas, theories, dates and scholars into your mind while you’re trying to construct an argument.

Social science subjects are based on seeing both sides of view and constructing or de-constructing notions which other scholars come up with. If you are thinking of studying Media and Communications at University of Leicester, then do not think that it will be filled of practical elements such as creating magazines, film trailers or producing music.

Onto my actual results…

I managed to get two firsts and a 2:1 for my module results which is great. In January when I was taking my exams, I definitely didn’t think I would do as well as this. Goes to show that you will always do better than you think.

So when it comes to your summer exams, please do not worry! Try your best, make sure you work hard and most of all, get your mind into it. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Through all my experience, I know it comes to your psyche with exams, so make sure you go in knowing that you can own whatever comes your way 🙂

As usual, feel free to leave comments below or any questions you may have.

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2 responses to “Exam results are in! The real problems with exams”

  1. Mel

    hey 🙂
    What studying technques did you do to get those awesome results?
    Im studying sociology.. many thanks

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