Why studying Media and Communications is the best degree to do in 2013

I take it if you’re thinking of studying Media and Communications, then you are getting a bunch of grief from your family and friends to “study a real degree”. In this entry, I’ve decided to list five reasons why studying Media and Communications is not only the best degree to study in this current day and age, but also why it’s a legitimate degree that you will not regret after you graduate.


1. If you work hard enough, you can earn a lot of money in the media industry

According to Media Week, an average graduate working in the media sector will start off with an £18k per year salary, which is good in comparison to other degrees and courses graduate salary rates. In five years’ time, you could be earning more than double the amount. Working in the media is stressful since you have to make sure your clients are watching, reading or retweeting the content that you are putting out, as well as making revenue from advertising. Due to all of this, working in the media tends to be fruitful, especially when it comes to paychecks and bonuses.

2. A relevant, up to date and interesting course

The media is always changing, and so are we. The way we interact with media and the way society changes from this means that the course will be up to date. Unlike law, mathematics and history, we won’t be studying theories that are centuries old. This means we would be studying contemporary ideas such as the effects of social media, political communication in the 21st century and about media audiences in relation to popular television shows, such as Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Game of Thrones.

3.  A young, vibrant and friendly environment within the workplace

I have been in a touch with a friend on the same course who graduated from the University last year to see where she is at now and how life is after graduation. She is now a media planner, working in Central London and having a great time. She says there are lots of young graduates in the company and there’s always exciting networking events happening. Even though the starting salary may be small, the events make up for it. She was able to meet people who work within Twitter and all food and drinks are provided by the company.

4. Chances to go abroad when doing work

While I was doing an internship at Sky Movies, the production team who produces 35mm and other Sky Movies specials say that they have the chance to fly around the world to interview actors, producers and famous celebrities as part of the show. This means while you are doing ‘work’ such as interviewing Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you can explore Los Angeles and do what you want, while still being paid!

5. Because it is something YOU want to do

Personally, I believe that everyone has a right to education if they so choose. I also believe that individuals should have the freedom to choose what they want to excel in without external pressures from family. I was lucky enough to have a supportive family who was happy that I was going into university in the first place. If you want to study Media because you enjoy it, then you should.


I hope these give reasons has opened your mind and broadened your ideas of what you want to do in University, especially when it comes down to studying what I think is the best and most rewarding degree available nowadays!

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2 responses to “Why studying Media and Communications is the best degree to do in 2013”

  1. nazatulzarit

    Hi Jordan,

    I will study in Msc of Media and PR this coming sept 2013. I assume this course is tough as I never learn anything about media and PR. I really nervous and scared at the same time. I do really seek your kind assistance about what to bring to the campus and etc

    Btw, kindly reply me and do hope we can chat more in future.


    Nazz (Miss)

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