Spring has sprung, but there is a plethora of work to be done

I remember when I was in secondary school when Christmas and Easter break was a time where you could truly relax and enjoy whatever weather came your way. Christmas time was full of snow and Easter time was full of sunshine. This year, you may find that this Easter has also been somewhat snowy.

However, there’s no time for relaxing now. In university, you will never be bored because there is always work to be done. I’m not joking; you will always have to do some form of reading or have to complete an assignment. There has never been a time where I felt I have nothing to do on my course.

Personally, I have to complete a 3000-word essay and a presentation, both which I haven’t started yet. And there’s only around two and a half weeks left. You may think having a five week Easter holiday is a blessing but it can also be a curse due to procrastination and lack of money.

This leads me to another phrase that I feel encapsulates studying Media and Communications, and most courses in university. Due to the amount of books and theories you have to read and learn about, it feels like you are reading your way to your degree. Every week, I read approximately three chapters or articles relating to my lecture. Then, for an essay, you can easily read up to fifteen different books and/or articles to get enough information to write a three thousand word essay.

Gone are the days of when you can truly take a break from education. Once you start your degree, studying will consume your life. Even over the summer holidays, you will worry about either your dissertation or finding internships to enhance your CV.

My biggest tip? Enjoy the first year as much as you can. Socialise, go out, explore what Leicester has to offer and focus about just passing your assignments because your first year doesn’t count towards your degree. Don’t burn yourself out too early because when it comes to learning, three years is a very very long time.

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3 responses to “Spring has sprung, but there is a plethora of work to be done”

  1. Daniel Hilsden

    Haha! It seems that Media and Communications shares commonality with Film and Media Studies – both subjects force us to read a ton!

    I’d have to say though, aside from the endless days of reading, that I also spent a LOT of time writing up essays and scripts.

    Your sentiment rings true with me though; my first year at Anglia Ruskin blew past me before I realised what had happened – sound advice to all students mate.

    If you’re interested – I’m interviewing students from several universities about their financial situations (couldn’t help but noticed you mentioned ‘lack of money’) and how they cope with their own money troubles.

    Keep on blogging dude!


    1. Daniel Hilsden


    2. Jordan

      Hey Dan!

      I do find that courses similar to ours are about reading theory and then writing about it in essays along with our own examples and forming a logical two sided argument about the question. It is fun and I do enjoy learning about Media and Communications.

      That’s good, I did a module of Film and I really enjoyed it. It’s a shame we only do one module because I could have easily learned more within Film Studies.

      Thanks for the kind works, it really is appreciated 🙂


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