10 days left until exams begin…

…and I’ve just started revision today.

Why do I never learn from my past mistakes of rushing revision in the last few days? Why is it that it always comes to exams and I’m in a massive rush or cramming as many scholars, theories and dates into my mind?

One of the modules called ‘Television Studies’ is a new module to the course; therefore there are no previous exam papers to study from. It’s a pain in the backside because I have always studied using past exam papers and making plans on how to answer certain questions. I am definitely scared about what they could ask me – the most scared I have been for a university exam ever.

So with 10 days left, I scuttled off to the library to get some work done today.

Luckily I have never been to the stage where I have to pull all-nighters at the library, chugging down Red Bull and almost to the point of tears of how little I have achieved in the past few hours. However, I have experienced similar behaviour from other people.

I have seen someone walk out of the exam after only five minutes.

Also, there is the time when I saw someone crying on the floor after taking the exam.

I never want to be in that situation. This isn’t A-Levels where we can just simply take another exam a few months later and still get into our first choice university. I hope you don’t want to be in that stage either.

In the same way, this is how I work best. I know I won’t fail my exams (hopefully) and I will have enough motivation to revise a large amount over the next week or so without burning out. I know I am not good at exams, and that is why I have worked harder on my essay and presentation work to make up for my lower exam marks.

My biggest tip is not to start revising early, but is to know how much you are capable of doing. Know your limits, know when to start so you do not tire yourself out and if it helps, revise with a friend.

Any thoughts, feelings or comments? Feel free to post below.

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