Venturing into third year as a Media and Communications student

With exams finished for another academic year, all attention turns onto being a third year student.

I have a dissertation workshop class to attend next week in which we will be told how to complete our 15,000 word dissertation on a topic of our choosing relating to media studies. Even with our exams completed, there is still work to be done – the term is not over yet.

With the workshop class, having to do some reading on what a dissertation entails and choosing our topic, this highlights the fact that third year as already started.

I am looking forward to it since the approach of a successful dissertation is to choose a topic that you are personally interested in. That way, the work should be more fun than like a chore to get over and done with. Topics such as the ways people watch television, how people become fans of media texts and the ever changing social media world are things I am passionate about learning so that should come across in the dissertation.

Luckily, another component of being in third year for the BSc Media and Communications course is the fact you get to choose which modules you want to study. If you have an interest in Celebrities and Fandom, then you can put your name down to enrol into that class. There is a lot of flexibility and choices in third year, even if the workload and expectations are larger.

Speaking of workload and expectations, I read in the news that the University of Leicester rose six places and claimed the 13th spot of ranked universities in the UK. You can start to see the ethos that the University has within its student, where we work hard even after a few weeks of finishing our exams.

Any questions, comments, feel free as usual to post below 🙂

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