First full month into summer…

I have been very busy lately, so please excuse my poor blogging turnout recently. Since been back home in London for four weeks, I have been trying to find a job so I can get some money while being back at home. Money that is well needed for rent and for the upcoming academic year. As everyone knows, being a student is not cheap, not even student discounts and offers make up for it.

The hunt for a job has not gone off very well. I had to wait two weeks after I started applying in order to get one interview. It was a group interview at an ASDA that is relatively close to me. I think I did well, but I have yet to hear back from the place since their manager is on holiday and they won’t get back to me until he returns. This makes life very frustrating since I probably won’t get the job until I get back to Leicester!

I had another interview a couple days ago which also went well. I managed to come up with some good answers, showed that I was active and sociable and was totally relaxed. I will find out soon if I get the job at Tesco’s. There is a common theme with the jobs I am applying for, that they are all supermarket or retail based.

Some of my friends and family have recommended that I try and find an internship as well for the summer. One tip if you want to get into the media industry, make sure that you have a lot of experience because it is a very competitive sector to get into. I might go back into Sky since I have been going there occasionally for the past three years gaining experience and keeping in contact with some of the people there.

I will do another blog entry before the month is up, detailing a bit more of my summer so far and my plans for third year.

Feel free to post how your summer is going so far, would love to hear from my readers! Take care and enjoy the sunshine 🙂

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