Tips and tricks into the getting experience in the media industry – Part Two

This month, I will be focusing on the media industry and what that entails for prospective or current students wishing to have a media orientated career.

If you haven’t already seen my last post, then I would strongly advise you read part one of the series first before reading this blog post.

In my last blog, I stressed the important of three main elements that you need to have if you want a career in media. Firstly, you need to gain experience, moreso than other sectors such as banking, finance, law because the media industry is fast paced and always changing. Secondly, you need to network and maintain a strong relationship with the professionals so that you seem keen and passionate that you want to work for them when you are done with university. Thirdly, make yourself known and set up some sort of platform to showcase yourself such as on LinkedIn, the online professional social networking site.

This entry will focus on the type of businesses you can apply for some work experience. If there is a particular company you want to work for, then it is always useful if you sent an email asking for some experience if there is none advertised on the website.

These are my top four places to apply for.

1)       BBC –

The BBC is Britain’s largest public service broadcaster and one of the world’s most renounced and respected company to work for. Saying that, finding work experience will be tough. Most placements are based in London and working for the BBC is a huge draw for applicants to apply. There are various positions such as radio, journalism and even ICT.

2)       Channel 4 –

4Talent is the branch within Channel 4 that prides itself in kickstarting a career in media for all young people. If you are unsure of what you want to do (as we all are!) then this would be the perfect place to apply. Like BBC, the ratio of applicants to positions is extremely high so you have to make yourself stand out and show why you want to work there.

3)       Leicester Mercury –

If you are interested in the Journalism side of the media industry, you can get in contact with Leicester Mercury, the local regional newspaper. The advantage of this is the newspaper is based in Leicester so if you are an international student then you can gain experience while at university or when you are on break. If you would like to give it a try then send an email providing your CV and full contact details to the following email address:

4)       O2 Academy Head Office –

O2 Academy Head Office in Brixton is recruiting for interns who are interested in working within the PR and Communications department. On the website linked above, they are looking interested in a “largely administrative” role. However, being able to put down that you have worked in the PR and Communications office would be great for your CV. Check out the website for more details.

Through these placements I hope I was able to help broaden your horizons to see what you would like to do in the field of media. These placements are huge and varied, all would be great to have say you have done.

Hope my guide has helped you in your future career in media!

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