The Surprising Enjoyment Behind a Media and Sociology Degree

Hey, I’m Nia and I’m excited to present to you, my first blog post for the Media department. Firstly, I thought it would be relatively helpful to introduce you to the world of a Media and Sociology degree in order to help you in understanding the working cogs behind my course.

If I’m being honest, when I picked my degree, it was a total rash decision during a stressful time. However, I am pleasantly surprised with the the turn out of relevant discussion that my course has provoked. If you’re like me and enjoy an opinionated debate, it’s safe to say that you would enjoy Media and Sociology here at Leicester.

Some people do find it difficult to comprehend that two very different subjects can be relative to one another. In terms of the course structure, the modules do not connect directly and remain independent from each other. However, the content within both topics is regularly interlinked, making it much easier when it comes to diverging information. First looks can be deceiving but once you understand the content of the courses, it is very clear as to how both of the topics can relate.

Concepts regarding media and sociology heavily influence our lives unbeknownst to us. We wake up and check the news (I spend about 30 minutes on my phone checking the news and celebrity gossip before I even sit up), we switch on our televisions, radios, computers and the news is staring at us in the face. It becomes the basis of every conversation we have and acts as a foundation of our knowledge and interaction. The news is highly accessible and thanks to technology, it can be retrieved practically anywhere. In reality, we can’t escape it. Plus, some of our favourite television programs based on public opinion surveys are centred on the collection of sociological statistics. For instance, 8 out of 10 cats can be deemed as results from sociological research. So, it can be relatively straightforward when understanding how the media and sociology can be relevant to our lives – and kind of exciting!

Although I am beginning to feel the impending stress gradually taking over my life, Media and Sociology is proving to be a great course to be involved with. It’s so relatable to our everyday lives, that it becomes more of an interest than a duty.

If you are interested in Media and Sociology, check out the university subject page to get a real feel of the subject :

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Nia has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi, my name is Nia and I’m a third year student studying with the University. I’m currently reading for a Media and Sociology degree so I will be blogging about these topics (yes they can be related!). I have a huge passion for writing and fill every spare minute I have in the day with blogging and writing feature articles for various people I work with. However, writing about an academic subject is all new to me, so hang on whilst I stumble around in the dark, looking to switch the light on!

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