Holiday Fever

The Holiday Season is upon us! The festivities have begun! There is so much love and camaraderie in the air – it warms my spirit! But in all the excitement and hustle and bustle of the season, what happens to the student caught in the middle of the excitement? Do we hibernate and dodge joining in the celebration or do we join the celebration and press “pause” on our studies?

In our blog post today, we will explore simple tips for surviving the holiday season as a student who is committed to achieving the best grade possible.

Make a few changes to your schedule

I know that in a previous post I encouraged you to create a schedule and stick to it no matter what…that is true for any other time but the holiday season! We can’t isolate ourselves in misery trying to cram our work or meet deadlines on a schedule that doesn’t give us room to enjoy a moderate amount of the festivities; we will be killing the very fabric of what our souls are made of. Accept the fact that the holidays will disrupt your schedule. Be creative and make a few changes to your schedule. Instead of studying three hours after work, study two hours in the evenings and one in the morning and use the extra one hour in the evening to attend a gathering or bond with family and friends. Be flexible and make a few changes.

Study when you can

Whether you are in a bus, on a train, in car, in the park…once you have free time, review your course work. It is important to make every minute count within the holiday season. There will be many activities that will be vying for your attention so get the most out of all your light moments during the season.

Tis the Season to share

What better way to share the love during the season than to share the new concepts you have learnt with a friend or friends during the season. Whenever I attend small gatherings, I find sharing the new concepts I learnt during my study sessions to be excellent conversation starters. Of course, I encourage you to link what you study with a current trend and make it a topical discussion – be fun and relevant and share! This is a great way to reinforce what you have learnt.

We can’t deny the fact that our minds slow down during the holiday season but holiday breaks are necessary for they renew the spirit and mind ….and what better frame of mind to study in than a renewed and refreshed one.

Share with me how you are focusing on your studies during the Season!

– Dee


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