To Know Thyself

As we become engrossed in our study schedules, we begin to learn more about our societies as well as who we are. When we know who we are, we are better able to make wiser and smarter decisions that will healthily impact our lives. A deeper knowledge of who we are equips us with the necessary tools to know what actions we must take to attract certain achievements in our lives.

Over these past few weeks, my studies during this period have not only opened my mind about media but of who I am as an individual. I have realized my self-defeating ways that prevent me from meeting objectives, my strengths and the habits that work for me and against me. This self-discovery while pursuing educational accomplishments dually is rewarding and humbling. Perhaps all of life is a school, teaching us hidden aspects of ourselves in every phase.

I have realized that we all have different learning styles and our learning styles may change as we become older. Once we learn our unique style, we can begin using winning mechanisms to help us retain the information taught to us.I am a visual learner. I learn best by seeing pictures, charts, timelines and written explanations. I have learnt that I better grasp a concept when I write summaries or rewrite the textbook information in my own words. If you enter my study space, you will be met with charts and drawings with explanations …. Doing this has helped me to grasp the concepts in media taught in my module. This process of learning may be a slow one, but it is a sure one that works in my favor.

Have you pinpointed your learning style?

What have you learnt about yourself as you pursue your studies?

Share your thoughts below.

– Dee

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Dentrecia has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi everyone! I am Dentrecia from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, West Indies! I am currently pursuing the MA program in Communication, Media and Public Relations via distance learning! I am overwhelmingly interested in communication,media trends and issues surrounding women and emotional health. Join me as I juggle studies and an active career in Public Relations.

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