Help Someone in Need This Christmas!

Now that the Christmas season is upon us, the horrendous jumpers have been dug out (sense my enthusiasm yet?), the student cupboards are stocked high with cheap mince pies and mulled wine and every one appears to have a bit of a skip in their step. Please don’t be mistaken, I am not a scrooge but I have already learnt that the Christmas season is a little different when you are a student.

The bank balance is angry, the university work load is incredibly intense and you have to work overtime whilst watching the rest of the world celebrate the holiday season. Following this, I’m sure we all still have tremendous amounts to be thankful for.

So, I began to brainstorm and considered what I could do, as an incredibly skint student, in order to help other people that truly need it. *light-bulb!* I jumped back to primary school and had a distant memory of constantly cramming shoe boxes full of  presents, giving those who really need it, a slightly more memorable Christmas. The time and effort is so minuscule, it’s a great idea – especially for students.

Operation Christmas Child seems to be a great organisation that assist in this process of sending a shoe box to those around the globe who are less fortunate. Unfortunately, the deadline has closed for this years donations, but if you keep this in mind for next year, you could really make someone’s Christmas. However, if you head over to the website, you will be provided with many other ways that you can spread the Christmas cheer!

Another charity that I came across was The Bridge Leicester, who allow individuals to volunteer over the Christmas period up until January, throughout various locations in Leicester. Whether you are involved with the serving and preparation of food or simply talking to the guests, your presence can make a significant difference.

Christmas time is a positive, jolly time of year for most of us who are incredibly blessed. Giving us even more reason to be willing to help others. So even if you tend to be a bit of a Christmas Scrooge, spread a little joy this Christmas and try to give back a little!

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