Procrastination to the max…

As exam period now stands before most of us, we all frantically put our library cards to use. The endless lecture notes have been uploaded and numerous emails providing ‘tips and tricks’ seem to be flowing in nicely. Usually, being a bit of an anxious person, this would be my cue to enter panic mode. However, I have been lucky enough to only have to go through the grueling process with one exam this January. For this, I am forever grateful to my department. Considering my lack of exams (I’m not complaining at all), I seem to have the time to think about what I would be doing to calm myself down if I happened to be freaking out about exams (ironic I know).

Usually, when I’m feeling like the revision is too much, I take myself away for a quick break as it’s the only way to regain focus. Now, I know people feel guilty for not revising from the crack of dawn all the way to the last ray of light, but realistically your brain can only digest so much. I take a break every 30-40 minutes to keep the notes short and fresh. During this period there tends to be lots of teas and coffees being thrown down my throat in the hopes that this will suddenly give birth to a new attention span.

By speaking to your friends around you, it won’t take you very long to realise the immense pressure that most students are putting themselves under at the moment. It’s so crucial to remember that although a degree is very important, it is not more important than your mental and physical health. If you feel like you cannot cope, then simply take a step away for a while. Try to ensure that you are taking the ‘little and often’ approach with revision in order to avoid any panic moments and plan just as much down time as revision time!

Good luck!

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Nia has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi, my name is Nia and I’m a third year student studying with the University. I’m currently reading for a Media and Sociology degree so I will be blogging about these topics (yes they can be related!). I have a huge passion for writing and fill every spare minute I have in the day with blogging and writing feature articles for various people I work with. However, writing about an academic subject is all new to me, so hang on whilst I stumble around in the dark, looking to switch the light on!

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