The Freedom To Complain

Today I came across an interesting article on the Guardian discussing the issue of Chinese censorship. According to the Guardian, the Chinese government have led them to believe that they have increased journalistic restrictions  in order to maintain the Marxist way of thinking. It’s reached the point where Chinese journalists are being forced to essentially attend ideological training and pass communist style exams in order to prove their dedication, firstly to their country and secondly to their field.

When the topic of free speech is so prevalent today, it’s only natural that at times we forget that there are instances where individuals are completely robbed of this luxury. Whether it be about the lack of ethical behavior from the press or the widely covered corruption of expense abusing MPs, Britain are very hot on what’s right and wrong, plus we are able to actually voice this. It’s ironic that we have the freedom to complain about the abuse of such freedoms and it’s something that at times, we take for granted. However, it’s interesting to note that since the phone hacking scandal and various other instances, a vast amount of individuals are demanding that we increase the restrictions on the British press. However in my opinion, regulation and censorship are two very different concepts. Whilst regulation may be needed in some instances, censorship  completely robs individuals of any kind of honest speech, denying them of their basic human right.

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