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In the 1940’s, Harold D. Lasswell, introduced the term “mass communication” to highlight the conditions and changes that seized his community at the time. As society further developed and began to transition to a more highly organized and centralized industrial one, concepts of mass communication and methodologies were challenged and changed to effectively cater to the changes of that time.

The beauty of media development is that it adapts to meet the demands of the changing times. This rapid, frequent and often unorthodox change, brings a thought to mind: Media professionals must remain on the cutting edge if they wish to be relevant in the shark infested water of soft and hard news.

Yes, to be talented and well educated in the field make up a solid foundation that no one can take from you but media professionals must make emerging technologies their friends. New platforms for old principals are the tools the relevant media professional considers. Media professionals must be teachable, trainable and open minded. Working in this digital age demands that. When you combine your natural skill of story telling and capturing great “moment” in every day life and combine it with your expertise in new technologies, you become a media giant and a force to be reckoned with.

So the challenge to us media enthusiasts and working media professionals is to remain relevant and at the top of our game.

If you are a media student or professional, dedicate three hours every week to becoming an expert in digital communication and platforms and technologies used in news.

– Dee

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Dentrecia has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi everyone! I am Dentrecia from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, West Indies! I am currently pursuing the MA program in Communication, Media and Public Relations via distance learning! I am overwhelmingly interested in communication,media trends and issues surrounding women and emotional health. Join me as I juggle studies and an active career in Public Relations.

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